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What's the best internet security software to get for protecting all kinds of attacks during internet surfing on windows vista and 7 platforms?
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phototropicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best Internet Security solution is user education. If a user routinely visits disreputable sites, double-clicks on every popup and clicks "Yes" to every offer of a download, then they will become infected no matter WHAT av software they are running.

Similarly, if the user does not visit disreputable sites, closes every rogue popup by hitting Alt + f4 rather than clicking on something, and avoids any download from an unknown source (including codecs and rogue updates), then the av software will have very little to do.

This applies to corporate and domestic networks.  In our house (6 desktops, 3 laptops, wired and wireless) every pc is running AVG 2011 Free. All pcs have Cleanup installed:

so users can regularly clear their temp files, and Malwarebytes' is ready and waiting in case someone wants to scan a downloaded file or whatever.  None of the machines have had any infection in 4 years now (and counting)...
beny7Author Commented:
mdj8384Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In my opinion, a multi-tier approach is best because none of the products is 100% effective.  Maybe an appliance at the gateway and use a different vendor for servers and workstations.
Improved Protection from Phishing Attacks

WatchGuard DNSWatch reduces malware infections by detecting and blocking malicious DNS requests, improving your ability to protect employees from phishing attacks. Learn more about our newest service included in Total Security Suite today!

McAfee Total Protection 2010
Kaspersky Internet Security

These are the two appliances that will do the most for you.
Else you can also choose to use different specific applications for different issues

If you need some parental control i recommend: Bitdefender TOTAL Security 2011

You can also use
ESET Smart Security 4
Kaspersky Internet Security
Hey Beny,

I would prefer you to go with Comodo Internet Security Suite.
1. No Speed related issues
2. They are giving you option to use their own DNS servers
3. They are giving you option to run application in Sandbox
4. Its Free
5. Daily Updates
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
I would recommend AVG (free or commercial) and Microsoft Security Essentials.

zbatiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is what I have suggested to everyone who wanted to protect their desktop in my article about Chinese hackers:
a) First of all, educate yourself about information security even if you are not involved in the Information Technologies.

b) Consider dedicating one PC exclusively for online banking. Restrict other browsing or services like email of web surfing.

c) Use the combination of the best security utilities. My "four favorites" that I have on EVERY PC that I use at home and recommend to my clients:

    * VIPRE: Best Antivirus + Antispyware (inexpensive commercial). This software is ahead of competition with less footprint and speed as well as amazing detection capability. Even with those feature it's not 100% proof. Therefore, I use once a week another utility, such as:
    *' Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (free or commercial). The one program (as far as I know) that can be installed in the Windows Safe Mode and remove the most persistent malware. It complements VIPRE very well (read my blog about VIPRE).
    * Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) - free utility to scan and discover unpatched applications - the vectors of possible attacks. The utility also suggests possible solutions providing the links to updated files and vendors. (Secunia: Average insecure program per PC rate remains high)
    * Check Point's Zone Alarm firewall (free or commercial). This software also installs a free toolbar that scans the browsed web pages for known infections. (Matousec's Proactive Security Challenge)

In addition, if you download a zipped or executable file from the Internet web site, please use the web site. Upload your file to that web site and verify it against 32 virus scanners. There is a big chance that only one anti-virus scanner will detect the malicious content. The service is free.

d) Do not expose your personal information on social networking web sites. It's easy to follow the crowd and proudly post your photos and personal information about yourself and your family. Keep in mind that it is exactly what the hackers need to steal your identity.

e) Remember that "there's no patch for human stupidity". Do not click on suspicious e-mails that you don't expect to receive. Do not open e-mail attachments (even such "innocent" as PDF or PPT files) because they may contain the malicious code. In fact, the PDF files, in particular, are responsible for about 80% of all infections in accordance to some sources. Such the files can take a form of fake codec or videos and poisoned search results continue tricking users into on purposely disabling the security programs that they had at the first place.

No Internet security suite can protect you from yourself, so do yourself and the Internet a favor - patch all your insecure applications - it's free with F-Secure and Secunia.

Through a combination of a fully patched OS (operating system) running the latest versions of the software installed, least privilege accounts and a well-configured personal firewall, a big percentage of the malware that penetrates through the client-side will be mitigated well before it reached the antivirus scanner.
based on the results of independent testing sites like Matousec
Check Consumer Search for internet security software reviews 
1. Free antiviruses are going to get you hit with a man-in-the-browser attack so don't go there.

2. Kaspersky is hands down the best in-the-field antivirus/internet protection suite. Sometimes it is too intense for users.

3. I like AVG business edition's av with web surfing protection, it is exceptional at stopping exploit tool kits and is non-intrusive to the user.

Couple your solution with a secondary malware protection like Malwarebytes Paid edition or Spybot SBE and you'll be fine.
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