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Symantec Mail Security


We would like to know how Symantec Mail Security works (eg, how the emails hit the spam filtering before it goes to user mailboxes etc).

We have Exchange 2003, SMSE6.5, and SEPM6 installed, and would like to know how the email gets processed when the sender sends an email to the exchange server. Also want to know how it detects or if theres settings we can change this?

Hope to hear some good news.

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Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
When an email comes to you server, the sequence in which SMSMSE processes the mail is as follows:
- Checks white listed emails
- Process RBL (real time black list)
- process anti-spam filter
- process anti-virus
- Delivers the mail to the user mailbox

All these settings are on the SMSMSE console. Although you can alter settings for all the above, you cannot change the sequence.

Hope that answers your question.

By the way what is SEPM6? I know SEP 11 (endpoint protection).
goraekAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer.

Sorry I meant SEPM11.0.6.

If SMSE is installed elsewhere, would this matter? Or does it need to be installed on the Exchange server?

Is it recommended to have all the Symantec product installed on the same server such as SEPM, BackExec, SMSE etc...
Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
SMSMSE MUST be installed on the exchange server. SEPM can be installed elsewhere, and this is the recommended. But the Exchange should have the client installed (SEP client).
If you have other Symantec products like BackupExcec, then put it on another server all together, and install SMSE on Exchange (it won't work otherwise).
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goraekAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.

Also, I cant seem to find the settings where it process the emails and AV scan.
Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
Open SMSMSE, then goto Policies. Its all there.
- Antivirus settings
- Antispam settings

See picture attached SMSMSE 6.5 console
goraekAuthor Commented:
Great info and answers.
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