Is there a quick way to rename/convert all files in a directory (csv, xls, txt) and pipe it to a single file so they can be viewed in a terminal?

Thank you
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VryaliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use xls2csv to conver the excel files.  I'm a little confused as to what you're exactly trying to do, though.  Using cat file1 >> finalfile on all the files in the folder would make a single large file.

You could use a simple for loop off xls2csv to convert everything and then a second for loop to combine them all together, but again it seems unclear what you're trying to do.

The usage for xls2csv would be like:

xls2csv -x "test.xls" -w "Sheet1" -c "test.csv"
csv is txt so it is easy to show it in a terminal

cat *.csv *.txt |less -S

xls is Excel and for that you need some converter to do that. Normal text viewers only show garbage with this kind of files.
xls2csv is normally not in the standard distributions. In debian based opackages you'll get it by apt-get install catdoc
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