Unable to manage session varibles in firefox and chrome but works fine in IE

Hi All,

I am getting problem with use session in Firefox n chrome. session variables work fine in IE but not in above two browsers. I integrated the blog(wordpress version 3.0.1) in existing website and being logged in when I click to enter in blog section, session variables lost their values. I already started session in index.php file of the wordpress and it works in IE but not in remaining two. register globals is set to off.

help appreciated.
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jrm213jrm213Connect With a Mentor Commented:
well just want to clarify,  you can have sessions without cookies, but it requires putting the session identifier in the url.
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
try clearing your cache.. or test in firefox's safemode.
GurbirsAuthor Commented:
that doesn't works.. I cleaned cache and also tested it in firefox's safemode
session variables require cookies. If you have cookies disabled, you will not maintain your session. Check  your browsers and make sure cookies are enabled.
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