Sent templates not going into sent items folder (exchange 2003, Outlook 2003)

Hi, I have a user on outlook 2003 setup with an exchange account.
All e-mails send and receive perfectly, the problem I have is when sending someone an appointment reminder which I have saved as a template, I send the appointment reminder, the person receives the e-mail, yet it doesnt go into the sent items folder.
Normal emails do save into the sent items folder though.
Any ideas what might be causing this?
I have no pst files or anything and the option to save a copy of sent items is checked.

Thanks very much.

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catsystemsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Created new email profile and it worked fine, something was obviously corrupted somewhere down the line
Thanks for the advice.
David LeeCommented:
Hi, Mark.

Is this template an email?  
catsystemsAuthor Commented:
yes it is an email,

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catsystemsAuthor Commented:
We've used the exact same template on another PC and it goes into the sent items on that pc!?
David LeeCommented:
Does Outlook on the affected PC have any rules set that could account for this behavior?  How about add-ins or macros?
catsystemsAuthor Commented:
Found my own solution in the end. thanks
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