How do i update mapi32.dll on my BES server to match the version on my Exchange server

Hi Experts,

I currently have 2 windows 2003 standard servers one running Blackberry enterprise server 4.1.7 and the other server is running exchange 2003 with sp2.

The problem i am having is once and a while users disconnect from the BES with there blackberry's and are unable to send and receive emails.  

I just checked the CDO.dll and the Mapi32.dll file versions on both servers and saw
that the CDO.ll is version 6.5.7638.2 on both servers but the
Mapi32.dll is version 6.5.6944.0 on the BES server
Mapi32.dll is version 6.5.7638.1 on the excahnge server

When i click on properties of these files and then the version tab and then look at comments it shows service pack 2 on the exchange server but on the bes server there is nothing listed in comments.  

Should i rerun sp2 for exchange on the bes server or is there another way to update the Mapi32.dll file so that they both match?

Thank you

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ipajonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way of updating mapi32.dll on the Exchange Server is through MS Updates.

Once you've updated your Exchange server then copy this to the BES as per my previous post.
Install the Exchange System Manager on the Blackberry Server.

You can also just move the file from the Exchange Server to the Blackberry server.

snipa911Author Commented:
Sorry i forgot to mention that the exchange system manager is installed on the blackberry server otherwise the users wouldn't be getting email at all to there bes devices.  They are of the same version with the same service pack installed.  So what i was thinking was to reinstall sp2 on the bes exchange system manager and see if that updates the mapi32.dll files to the correct version.

What do you think?
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I would stop the exchange services and rename mapi32.dll to mapi32.old then copy mapi32.dll from the Exchange server.  Now the mapi32.dll versions are both the same restart the services on the BES server.
Just copy it across and reboot the BES server
I am not expecting any points on this as I am just re-iterating what others have said already, but copy the file and don't move it by mistake from the exchange server ;-)
I think its something you need to look at because blackberry services can be affected by wide range of issue my advice to you if you are using BES express then upgrade it to version 5 plus this way you will eliminate problems as new release will work more effectively I hardly get any problem with my server
snipa911Author Commented:
Thanks for all your answers.  I ended up finding a timezone update for exchange 2003 sp2 which updated the cdo.dll to 6.5.655.7 which i applied to both servers.  The mapi32.dll files is newer on the exchange server but not that new.  Im looking for Mapi32.dll version 6.5.7654.12  Where can i get this from to install then i will copy it from the exchange server to the bes server as you guys have suggested.


CAUTION!  I don't think that link from RushB is compatible with Exchange Server 2003 ?
snipa911Author Commented:
Thank you for all your answers.  This link led me to the answer that i needed a security update for exchange 2003 sp2 update to update the mapi32.dll to the latest version and the other timezone update patch for exchange 2003 sp2 dec 2008 release gave me the update for the cdo.dll.  I applied both of these update on both servers and now the version are newer and the bes is performing well.  I suggest this to anyone who is running into a lot of warnings.  Thanks
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