Emails not coming to distribution list group


I am having an issue where emails are not being sent to memebers of distribution group. I created a distribution group enabled email box and added myself as a member and see it in the distribution group list. But the emails are not reaching the user. If I add the email directly to the user it works. I also checked our email spam system and see the emails are getting through and being sent to the exchange server.

Also, where are the emails sitting in if not being sent to the user.

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For using it externally(different domain that yours) you need to make sure the flag for "Require that all senders are authenticated" is not checked off.  External addresses are not authenticated users.  It's in the exchange console, properties of your DG, Mail Flow Settings tab and under Message Delivery Restrictions
1.) Can you see the DG in the GAL?
2.) if you email the DG internally selecting it from the GAL do the members of the DL receive the mail?
3.) if you internally email the DG's SMTP address does it work?
4.) if you externally email the DG's SMTP address does it work?
Check whether users are member of the distribution group
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rha_mtlAuthor Commented:
I can see the DG in the GAL,
I can email the group internally and the users receive it
I can email the email internally via smtp
I cannot email externally to the dg.

Yes the users are member s of the DG
Do you get an NDR when sending to the DG from external? Have you given the DG a valid external SMTP address?
rha_mtlAuthor Commented:
No there is no NDR and yes it is a valid smtp address. This is what I did

I created a DG called IT
email address will be

then I sent an email to this I do not get anything from outsde but inside yes.

I deleted this DG and added to my mailbox and I sent an email to this address and I received it. I know that the email is correct.
Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Can you go to and run the Inbound SMTP E-Mail (Run the Inbound SMTP E-Mail test for and letus know the results.

rha_mtlAuthor Commented:
The answer form CCSDSK1  is what worked thanks..

Is there a way to get those emails that were sent these addresses before the change?
You're welcome.  As for getting them back, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think so.
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