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I need to create a table which shows days of the week. Data is from Database.


Team        Sun        Mon         Tue     Wed        Thur        Fri      Sat

Headers are static.

Based on current date, (11/25/2010) which is a "Thurs" day, this data should come in Thurs field and all the before days should calculate automatically based on that respective date. Fri & Sat should be empty as no data will be there in the database.

If the current date is Sun, then rest of the data should be blank.

Pls guide me to write a query which will do this function.

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HainKurtConnect With a Mentor Sr. System AnalystCommented:
do you want something like this?

declare @aDate DateTime = getdate();
declare @dw int = datepart(dw, @aDate);

select @dw,
@aDate - @dw + 1 sun,
@aDate - @dw + 2 mon,
@aDate - @dw + 3 tue,
@aDate - @dw + 4 wed,
@aDate - @dw + 5 thu,
@aDate - @dw + 6 fri,
@aDate - @dw + 7 sat

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Do you want to create a table or a query?
"this data should come in Thurs field"
Can you please explain what that means?  Data from some table that has a date column?
Does the query always show only 1 row (current week)?
Where does Team fit in?
davidi1Author Commented:
sorry. my bad. let me clarify more.

SQL Table Name: RawData


TeamName, Date, Closecount

I already run a query to pullup dynamic table which will display last 7 days of data. however my org doesnt want that. they want to keep the headers static & want me to modify the query to satisfy the headers.

for every day ("Sun") ex:

5 rows will be generated as result.

I need to populate the same data with respect to days, Sun, Mon, Tue.., etc..,

lemme know if you have more questions.., sorry.., answering your question real fast as im jumping to a meeting. will be back to you in 15 mins.

Sorry, but it is still not clear to me

for every day ("Sun") ex:
5 rows will be generated as result.

Why are there 5 rows for Sunday?
If you run it on a Thursday, I know you mentioned that Fri/Sat should be blank, but are the preceeding days also blank?
Do you want the closecount value from the table in the columns under the days, or the dates?
davidi1Author Commented:
Nevermind cyberkiwi.  Hainkurt resolved my problem.

Hainkurt: Bingo. This is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks. Its works great.

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