What are the different uses of lsnrctl utility..?
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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the listener is a separate process from the database.

they are started independently.  You don't "need" a listener for a database, you don't need a database for a listener.  Of course "using" the database is much easier if you have a listener, and a listener without a database doesn't have much to do when it's listening.

start listener, stop listener, configure listener, show status/options of listener

that's it,  for more info on each of those ...
nobleitAuthor Commented:
I started from lsnrctl using start in one window and in another windows started up the database.
Then back to first window stop lsnrctl. Again back to datbase base window. I could see that database is still up. Could you explain the why database is still up?
nobleitAuthor Commented:
So it is not interdependant..
RindbaekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
its an independent program and the database runs fine without it.

The listener handles the initial connection between the client software and the database. when the connection is establihed (the session created) then the listener doesn't have anything else to do with that connection.
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