DB2 Error

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0514N The cursor "SQLCUR4" is not in a prepared state. SQLSTATE=26501

I get the following error when trying to retrieve data what is the solution

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AnilKumarSharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your SQLSTATE code tells the problem.
It starts with 26 that is it belongs to class code 26, and Class Code 26 belongs to Invalid SQL Statement Identifier.
So  Class Code 26: Invalid SQL Statement Identifier SQLSTATE Value       
The 501 one is specific error meaning - The statement identified does not exist.

To get more information, please check

If above doesn't help then to get more insight, Please provide your DB2 version, platform, and the exact command you are running. Are you exporting between different OS filesystem?

CAN you post your code here?
raheisAuthor Commented:
Hello Thanks for the quick response, after debugging found that columns being selected dont exist in the TEST environment.
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