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How do I create backups and restore a linux server on AWS EC2?

I have one LAMP Linux box in Europe on EC2. I would like to be able to take Weekly and Nightly diff backups that overwrite themselves and be able to restore it if any disaster occurs. 2 backups files (weekly and a daily image)
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2 Solutions
#! /bin/bash
WEEKDAY=`i/usr/bin/date +%w`

cd «basedirectory»
tar -czf $BACKUPDIR/backup.$WEEKDAY.tar.gz «filename list»

# This script produces a different backup archive for each weekday
# If you want to overwrite the single days but keep only one "Week"-File and
# one "Day"-File th is overwritten daily, it's like

cd «basedirectory»
if [  $WEEKDAY == 1 ]; then
   tar -czf $BACKUPDIR/backup.weekly.tar.gz «filename list»
   tar -czf $BACKUPDIR/backup.daily.tar.gz «filename list»
concern_supportAuthor Commented:
Thanks brb6708, nice script but this isn't a full image backup. I may use it though in conjunction with the S3 solution.

Thanks fluk3d, I've seen these solutions but find them tricky and a little cumbersome.

AWS would do well to create a backup service...
it's up to you, which command you use.  just replace tar commands by suitable s3 commands.....
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