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AVG Free 2011 causing computer to run extremely slowly

I've been getting a whole wack of computers to start running AVG Free 2011.  
On some of the older and poorly maintained machines when you install AVG - it takes a computer that is irritatingly slow and it makes it almost unusable.
After disk defragments, malware scans, virus scans, disk cleanup - the AVG is installed but the computer is still running much much slower than it would be if it didn't have AVG installed.
I have stripped AVG so that its running as lean as possible.

My questions are is there anything else I can do to speed up this computer or the better questions is whether or not another trusted anti-virus exists that doesn't slow down slower computers as much as AVG does.

The computer is running windows XP and has an Intel Celeron processor.  I think it could benefit from more RAM but imho i think the processor can't handle AVG for some reason.

thanks as always.
1 Solution
Hi There,

Was in the very same situation. Only not using AVG free, using AVG paid for. It seems that all these AV companies are making the software super duper, for the new super duper computers but forgetting about the unfortunate that still use older spec machines!

I have invested alot of time trying lots of these AV products and found there are 2 with very small foot prints that work just as well.

Firstly, MSE - is quick, non intrusive and does what it says on the tin. The second is Eset Nod32, but that costs.

Lastly, you can try Panda CLOUD av FREE. This has a small foot print and is rather new technology....just depends on if you want to have a panda sitting in your tray icon.

From all those tested, i preferred Panda Cloud. Watch the little video for full concept.

Hope this helps.

From someone whop has been here before.
P.s MSE is free too.
You can tell if the processor can cope by looking at the CPU load with Task Manager's performance tab.

XP works better with at least 512M or RAM - if you have only 256M there might be 40M spare but if you double to 512M there will be maybe 180 spare so XP is using more RAM and less hard disk paging.

You can also sort processes by CPU load in task manager to see what is making computer slow if the CPU utilisation is high. But it is most likely to be hard disk access and paging as the HDD is the slowest thing in a computer.
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Most 'Recent' AV products are memory hogs more so than CPU. So when all available memory is taken its paged and then the slowness ensues...

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The new version of AVG includes several additional components that notably slow down older PC's.    I've found that if you disable those components the basic AV protection works fine ... just as it did with the previous version of AVG.    What you need to disable varies by system -- but in general if you disable the Link Scannerand Anti-Rootkit modules that will help a lot.    I'd also avoid running the new PC Analyzer, which is effectively just a marketing tool used to sell you the full version of PC Analyzer.

Alternatively, you can uninstall AVG and run the free Microsoft Security Essentials (noted above), which works well on most machines -- although I've also found some older systems that this doesn't "play well" with.

You can also simply install the previous version of AVG, which doesn't have the performance issues that 2011 does, and is still being udated regularly (although the updates MAY automatically switch it to the 2011 version at some point).
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
If you only have 256mb ram, you will not be able to run xpsp3 and an av. Xp has become bloated over time and totally uses up 256. And other programs inclufin an av require paging memory to disk wich will cause the slowdown you are experiencing.
Not looking for points, but completely agree with the MSE suggestions above.
I started loading that on systems around the first of the year and have quit loading the licensed versions of AVG and AVAST.

Clean, simple, and no infections so far.
r2sphinxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help all of you.

It's good to know that its AVG's program and not my brain that is the controlling factor,

I'm going to research some of those other programs listed.
Thanks so much again.

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