cisco 2610 memory help

hi, i bought from ebay a router cisco 2610, but it got home with no flash and no dram memory.
can you advise me the correct model and quantity for both?
can you allso advise me a place in europe that sell (possibly non original) memory for that router?
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Matt VConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, you are looking for the following:

Cisco 2600 Max Memory 64D/16F
MEM2600-32D (you can install 2 of these)

Here is an example of one that is the complete kit to max out your memory:
Matt VCommented:
This document contains the required component numbers and installation method.

You should be able to get the memory cheap on E-Bay as well.
oloap88Author Commented:
thanks man,
Actually i read it yet, i tried to find correct mamory version but i didn't... o better i did but is not that clear how much in total, and how much per slot i shoul use..

and on ebay i just found a lot of kind, with no voltage declared, and in most cases for printers... you think they can be good anyway?

Matt VCommented:
I do not have access to eBay from work, but I will look later tonight and see if I can narrow your search for you.
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