Icon expert needed!! windows/pc .ico for software icons (not favicons) on a mac! help!

Hi, Ive been trying to work this out all day!

I made an icon for some software using illustrator and photoshop and turned it into a mac .icns  using Img2icns and it works perfectly.

I now want to make a version for windows/pc's and i cant work it out!

I have this plug in (http://www.telegraphics.com.au/sw/) which allows me to make .ico files in photoshop (i've used it for favicons before) but when i use it for this the icon is saving with a white background and preview wont recognize it..

In the examples here: http://www.afterglow.ie/icons.html (a freebie from online) you can see all the different sizes when you open it with preview.

I tried this and it works but the icon has a white rim around the edge: http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/

I also tried this but the .ico part isnt working for me: http://iconverticons.com/

I have no idea what to do next - please help!

Thank you :)

p.s someone recommended this earlier but i realise its PC software and i only have a mac -http://www.axialis.com/iconworkshop/
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Geek_NabilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
let me get this right, you simply want to convert icn to ico ??? ryt ???

The first question I have is what image format are you using and what size is this graphic.
kikisuAuthor Commented:
i want to convert to .ico

i could convert from .psd, icns or png

but i want the .ico that has multiple sizes like the mac .icns file...

dbrunton: I have tried converting from .png and.icns at sizes 256x256 and then 128x128

Thanks for your help!
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kikisuAuthor Commented:
i tried: http://iconverticons.com/

before - it looks perfect but the .ico file i downloaded didnt work - preview didnt recognize it...
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I've just tried http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/ and it returned to me an icon with all 3 sizes.  The file I used was a jpeg.
Do you have Photoshop?
kikisuAuthor Commented:

Yes http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/ also returned me  a file with 3 sizes but they had a white rim around so the transparency didnt work..

I do have photoshop and have tried this plug in: (http://www.telegraphics.com.au/sw/) but it is returning an icon that preview doesn't recognize... and it also has a white background.

Thanks so much for your help... im totally stuck and i know this must be a common thing to do!

jeremyjared74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You are wanting to create the .ico on a Mac for use on a PC correct? I use one for Photoshop that will do as you ask, I haven't tried it on my Mac, but it should work as the file extensions are the same. You do know that the .ico won't work for Mac icons correct?

Here is the plugin for creating the .ico for WINDOWS icons:
kikisuAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone!

Ive realized that the .ico's form iconverticons.com were working - the problem is with my version of preview!

I read about the problem online then checked on my partners newer Mac and they are actualy working fine.

Thanks for everyones help on this!
Here is a better tool I just found, it works great and it is online:
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