Brocade Switch ISL LINKS

1) What are the commands to setup ISL between two Brocade switches
Suppose i hve two switches 7500 and 3900  and i need to connect what are the coammands or the
settings i need to change on ISL's.

2) In a fabric which consists of three brocade switches,if one switches goes down and when we bring this switch up again what ate the setting or commands we need make or give so that the swith become fully functional with other switches in same fabric

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to do anything to the ports themselves, assuming you've got full fabric license installed they'll automatically negotiate to E ports.

Set the domain IDs so they are all different, e.g. 10,11 and 12. Put your ISLs in place, you can have multiple ISLs without ISL trunking license, it still uses both but allocates them in a round robin.

The switch with the lowest domain ID will become the principle switch and will hold the zoning table, but the others have a copy of it as well, so if one fails you just have to set the domain ID on the replacement to match and it'll pick up the config. You must make sure that the replacement has got its old config wiped out. If it just gets powered off it'll power back up again without any need to change anything since it';; have the domain ID still set and its zone table will match the others.

If your switches have current configuration on them it will merge the zones when you connect them together, you therefore have to make sure you don't currently have two zones with the same name.
faraz81116Author Commented:

So as i understand we just need to connect the two Switches using ISL by simply plugging in the cable and the switch will be connected to each other.So  no changes required.

If in a fabric  any switch goes down we just need to power it back and rest all the configurations will be matched with other switches.So we do not need to remove any config wiped out

Can we make any port an ISL/E port ?If yes then what are the commands required?
How can we figure out in a switch that a particular port is a ISL/E port ?
What is a command to see whether ISL license is there or not?

The only command needed to make ISLs available is to change the domain ID, it's easiest to do that using switchexplorer web GUI. Any and all ports will become E ports as soon as you connect them to another switch. liecenseshow command will tell what licenses are installed.
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faraz81116Author Commented:
Referring to the above statement  "" need to change the domain Id to make ISL available ""

When a switch gets power down   and power up again do we have to again change the domain Id so that the ISL are available.

In which scenario is above statement  ""  need to change the domain Id to make ISL available "" applicable
We use the CLI interface to manage switches
The domain ID is retained after power outage. For CLI:

To modify the domain ID:
Type switchdisable to disable the switch.
Type configure , then type a new value.
Or press Enter to accept each default value.
At the Fabric parameters prompt, type Y and press Enter :
Fabric parameters (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
Enter a unique domain ID. For example:
Domain: (1..239) [1] 3
Complete the remaining prompts or press Ctrl+D to accept the remaining default settings.
Type switchenable to re-enable the switch.
Type fabricshow to confirm any changes made to the domain ID.
Gerald ConnollyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have multiple ISL Links between a pair of switches, you will need a Trunking licence to make sure that some links are not heavily oversubscribed and others only lightly.

E.g. If you have two switches (without trunking) connected by two links a-a (@100MB/s) and b-b (@100MB/s) and three servers trying to connect across these links if server-1 is generating 70MB/s of throughput, Server-2 @30MB/s and Server-3 @50MB/s. The default behaviour is to distribute these on a round-robin basis so Server-1 will go on link a-a and Server-2 will go on link b-b, but Server-3 will go on link a-a. So link a-a will now be oversubscribed by 130%, wheras link b-b is only 30%.
Trunking turns these two links into one big logical pipe of 200MB/sec and will therefore only be 75% loaded. YMMV

Scale these numbers up to suit your config!
Some questions.
Are you still trying to keep 2 independent fabrics?  Always a good idea to keep 2 independent fabrics that don't communicate with one another.  Don't merge all of your fabrics into one.

Is one of the switches that you want to ISL brand new with no active zoning config?
Is the cable distance between these switches less than 2km?

If one of those switches has no active zoning config.
1.  set the switch IP
2.  set the domain ID to a # that isn't already in use in the fabric
3.  Add the ISL
4.  The new switch will download the zoning config automatically and be good to go.
4.  Add at least one more ISL (no steps required - just plug them in)

If both of your switches have active zoning configs - Then use Brocade Fabric Manager - They have a "Fabric Merge" feature.

Trunking - Usually isn't needed. Typically the default (free) is fine.  If you enable bottleneck detection and see lots of confgested ISLs, add another ISL and then possibly look into trunking.

faraz81116Author Commented:
what is the command  to enable bottleneck detection and command  to see l ISLs are congested
driskolltConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what FOS are you on?  Bottleneckmon doesn't monitor ISL ports previous to 6.4.

the command is bottleneckmon --enable -alert *
You can tweak the values.  Type help bottleneckmon for more info.
faraz81116Author Commented:
ok it ......
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program.  See my comment at the end of the question for more details.
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