Can't delete an Outlook 2010 Account

I use Windows 7 microcomputers linked bak to mu SBS2008 server at home.  Some microcomputers in my home use Outlook connected to Exchange 2007 via exchange but where In use a microcomputer remotely over the network, I  have hitherto used Outlook connected to my exchange server via POP3.  This always worked successfullly until I went to set up my new laptop  for a trip to the Philippines (my home is in  Australia).

I first set up Office 2007 on the laptop and on running Outlook 2007 over the internet to my sechange server on SBS2008, I selected a connection to exchange itself rather than the POP3 connection to exchange.   I have been unable to get this exchange connection to work. I can't  establish the connection from my laptop to my exchange server (  However I can ping  It can't make the connection to exchange from my username when I set up outlook.

Well so I thought I would abandon the direct connection to Exchange 2007 on my SBS server and go back  to my old POP3 liink.  However when I do this and add a POP3 accoun to Outlook - I cannot delete   the Exchange server account even though I make the POP3 account the default.  Outlok refuses to del,ete this because it says it is in the process of copying files - even after 4 week Outlook gives the same message saying it is copying files and won't delete  the Exchange account - and there is NO hard diusk activity correcponding to any copying at all!!

Meawhile I cant use Outlook because it insists on setteing up the  exchange account when I start Outlook anjd I cant delete the\ Exchage account.
, So I removed Outlook 2007 and reinstalled it - to my amazement the Exchane account was still there -\ still can't delete it and still impossible to set up.

So I removed Outlook 2007 and installed Office 2010 including Outlook 2010 and yes the exchaNGE ACCOUNT IS STILL THERE, i STILL CANT DELETE AND i STILL CANT FINISH THE SETUP!!

My problems are :-
(1) How do I get rid of this exchange account so I can use POP3 from the remote laptop over the internet,
or (2) How do I set up a remote Exchange account eg what do I specify for my user name and the name of the remote ExchaNGE SERVER so that Outlook 2010 makes the connection?

Thanks in advance

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wmcdon7160Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't believe it will let you delete the account until you've successfully setup another one.

Before the Outlook Anywhere settings can be enabled, the regular Exchange account has to be setup and working.

If you just want to bypass this profile and go with POP3, then use the MAIL control panel applet to add a new profile. Then manually configure the POP3 account rather than letting the Exchange account auto configure.
To remove the Exchange account and setup POP3 = Don't open Outlook first. Go to the "Mail" control panel applet and set it up there. Go to Profiles, create a new one. When it starts to set it up, choose the manual config option. Once it's setup, you can delete the old profile, or simply make the new one the default.

To use OutlookAnywhere = make sure it is all set up in Exchange first. Then, with Outlook 2010 to Exchange setup and working on a local connection, make the following changes to the account setup...
   In Outlook: File --> Account Settings --> Click "change" for the Exchange account --> More settings --> Connection tab --> Check the box for Outlook Anywhere at the bottom --> Click Exchange Proxy Settings --> Your internet name to your server goes in the first box,  IE: and msstd:// preceding the name goes in the next box, IE: msstd:// --> I use basic Authentication, but yours might be different. Restart Outlook. Then when you connect it will ask you to authenticate. Use your full domain login... IE: domainname\username
PeterHarrisAuthor Commented:
This is actually the procedure I followed to get rid of the Exchange Account sO i TRIED IT AGAIN TO MAKE SURE but alas same error message (see attached) "Yopu cannot delete this Outlook data file.  Configuration in the file is being copied to your new default data file.  You can delete the file after this information is copied"  PLEASE NOTE I tried to remove the Email exchange account.   Therre is NO diskactivity at all and the first time I tried this it was still giving the same message afyer 4 wekks with no disk activity.

I am now in a different country from my server and I cant get the Exchange link working at all this is why I am trying to delete it to get my POP3  link working.
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PeterHarrisAuthor Commented:
When' I try to set up Outlook like you said specifying my server as a proxy server,  and I go to Check Name (  after specifing my Microsoft Exchange Server and Mailbox in the dialogue box      )I get the attached error message ie "The actioon cannot be completed. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete the action".  But I can ping the mail seerver back in SBS Exchange 2007 on my home site!!!
Actually, you can setup everything all at once. But when you go to RWW< do you get a certficate warning? Outlook will not work no matter what you do if you do not have a certificate loadedproperly. On SBS 2008, you *have* to use the installer. You can *not* do the browser trick like in 2003.
PeterHarrisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes I did install a certificate.
As I said right at the start, I cannot delete the exchange account because it says it is copying files (but no hard disk activity) and\ even after a lapse of 4 weeks it said it was still copying files!!!

I finally solved how to get rid of the non-functional Exchange account so I could use the POP3 account.  

Instead of attacking it through the email tab of the mail control applet, I went to the profiles setting and created a new profile called TEST and deleted the old Outlook profile.  I then set up a new Outlook profile and deleted the TEST profile.  It worked the half functional Exchange account is gone and I now have my working POP3 account.  I thought of this seeing wdcdon7160's comment on profiles.   I presume the profiles must stay in the system even when Outlook is uninstalled and even when the old Outlook is replaced with the latest!

I have given up trying to get the remote Exchange working.  Getting rid iof it allows me to  use my POP3 account and to access my email.
PeterHarrisAuthor Commented:
See my own comments
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