JQuery MouseOver an image tag effect.

I have img html tag and I want to simulate a user moving the mouse over the image when the page loads.

I tried this but it won't work, I'm I missing something?

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roynaufalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ah ok, i see
well you can use this then:
$(document).ready(function() {
  // so you put the function yo want here, the one that is called when the onmouseover event happens on the image

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can you please explain a  bit more,didn't fully understand what you aim to do
7of9121098Author Commented:

 I have a couple of images on the form and when I move the mouse cursor over an image it opens up.
Therefore, when the page loads I want one of the images to open up. This is why I want to simulate a mouse over-event over the image.
blueghoztConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi show us the code for what happens on a normal mouseover event
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