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I'm working on the very last step.

My issue here is I'm having trouble getting a table and I'm getting an error:
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1.  When you submitted job T14JOB1 in member IBM0428.JCL(T14JOB1), did it run successfully?  Was the DROP step executed?  What is the output from the RUNSTAT step?
2.  When you selected option D2 from the ISPF panels, did it show SSID: DB9G on the top left of the first panel?
3.  If all of the above is correct, try running SQL(CREATE1) from SPFUI and include the output.


I have the error removed; thanks.

What do you mean by including the output?

I'm looking for an output table; where is it, or why isn't it there?
I meant the output as in the output shown on the screen or from the job, depending on which of my suggestions you're referring to.  You've inserted records in the table.  You can see the contents of the table by running your SELECT statement in SPFUI.


Thank you for your help.

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