I made mistake I change ssh default port from 22 to 443.
I need to know how to change it back via ssh.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Emailing components are not available within dd-wrt setup to make this possible.
you would need to add components to your install.

A good opensource monitoring network/data collection tool is nagios, openNMS, cacti.

nvram commit

saves/writes the changes that will survive a power cycle.
ssh user@ipaddress -p 443
nvram set sshd_wanport=22 sshd_port=22

or run nvram show | grep 443 after your login and update the variables with SSHD in them.
toroblanco2002Author Commented:
It did not work I try both of the commands.
At least if i will know where the sshd_config file on my router is I will attempt to edit it. Thats really what I'm looking for.  I thought it on /etc/ssh/sshd_config but is not there. I was able to see it once but I did not pay attention on what directory.
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toroblanco2002Author Commented:
I now that I notice one of the commands I'm not sure which one did change the remote port to 22. But I want to change the default por not the remote port. will changing the wanport =22 to localport=22 will do it?
run/executed after you login into the dd-wrt router with ssh
nvram show | grep -i ssh

what is being returned? with 443?
update that with nvram set sshd_port=22

The settings are set within the nvram versus having a /etc/ssh/sshd_config as is usually where the sshd config is on a linux.

toroblanco2002Author Commented:
Ok, after run nvram set sshd_port=22 what command should I run to save the changes?
toroblanco2002Author Commented:
I think this is going to work... I have one more question... do you know how can create a simple bash script to ping one of my computers every 10 min to check if is up and email me if the pc is down.
this is example of what if have some gave me this.

ping -c 3
if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
    date '+%m/%d - %H:%M : Connection Unavailable' >> /var/log/monitor.log
    mail -s "Server down, oh noes!" email@email.net < /var/log/monitor.log
    date '+%m/%d %H:%M : Connection Available' >> /var/log/monitor.log

I'm new to all this I'm to learn so how can I put this script inside the router and make functional.

Thanks I will increase the points on this questions if is require to get this done, I will really appreciate your help.
toroblanco2002Author Commented:
Thank you
toroblanco2002Author Commented:
Thank you I will check it out.
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