how to setup VoIP or IP phone at home network

i have internet setup at my home and in the other city another home with internet setup. i wanted to connect this two homes with voip or IP phone setup.

can i connect in this way, if yes could you explain how ?
Mohammed SIIOperation ExpertsAsked:
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mikerigelConnect With a Mentor Tech Support AnalystCommented:
Check out

OxygenITSolutionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would generally need a VOIP account with a carrier. In Australia we use .

They give you an account with all the details.

You can then buy a VOIP handest and you log on to this handset via your web browser and configure the account through it.

An example of a VOIP phone is the Linksys SPA941 or SPA942.

Another option is to use a softphone (installed on your computer). This should start some discussion.

Good Luck
Mohammed SIIOperation ExpertsAuthor Commented:

i have Avaya IP Phone and without purchase any thing else could i configure it
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I'm not sure you can without the phone system that runs it.
Lance_PConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Without Purchase, you cannot do anything with the Avaya IP phone. (Since it only connects to the Avaya controller)

You basically need a Handset which supports the SIP protocol at both locations. Then you need to sign up with a SIP provider like etc which offers free calling between members.  You can alternately purchase credit to call phones.
Use the above link as an example and search google for more info. search for SIP phones.

You can even buy 2 handsets which support Skype at both locations.
All you need to then have is a broadband connection and you can talk for free without a PC.

mshakeb, one more thing. If VOIP and SIP services are banned in your country then I would advise you to stay away from these. As they will not work :)
Mohammed SIIOperation ExpertsAuthor Commented:
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