No "Share" option on Excel 2010 File dropdown menu

I can convert an Excel 2010 worksheet to a PDF with the Save As option or the Print menu, choose PDF, select Printer Properties etc, but I understand there is another method involving the Share option on the File dropdown menu, except I have no Share option. Can anyone tell me how to enable the Share option? Ultimately, I want a single click option to print my worksheet as a PDF in the smallest size. Thanks for any help.
Bob BarnesAsked:
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SiddharthRoutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I am not wrong then the "Share" option in Office 2010's file menu has been renamed to "Save and Send," because apparently, no one knew quite what was meant by share.

Hi Allpurple,

I think you need to edit your Ribbon option in order that the SHARE option is displayed in your Ribbon under the File Tab

See it here:

Hope it helps,
Bob BarnesAuthor Commented:
I must be dim, but I cant see how to customize the File dropdown menu. Customize Ribbon doesn't include the File dropdown for me to customize. Am I completely mad?
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There is no File dropdown in Excel 2010. Are you talking about the Office Button? (The big round one in the top left corner).
Nevermind. Forgot they added it back in.
You can't edit the file dropdown very easily, but since you want to do it in fewer clicks, just do this.
Right click on the ribbon
Hit 'customize ribbon'
On the right hit 'new group' (add it to the Home tab which is default)
Name the group if you like
On the left, select 'All commands' from the dropdown
Scroll down to 'Publish as PDF or XPS' and add it to your custom group.
Now you have a real single-click option to save as PDF. You don't even have to click the file menu first.
Bob BarnesAuthor Commented:
Thank-you, my sanity is restored. If only I had checked all of the options???
Glad to be of help :-)
Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

>>There is no File dropdown in Excel 2010. Are you talking about the Office Button? (The big round one in the top left corner).

There is no Office button in 2010 anymore. It's been replaced with the File tab and opens what is now called the "Backstage" view.
Yeah, I remembered. (You must have missed my second post).
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