SharePoint 2010 record center vs. document center vs. document workspace ?

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know what's the difference and usage between the following sites:

record center
document center
document workspace

Can anyone explains what's the difference between those in terms of usage and performance in the usage for document search in secured shared network drive with hundred thousand files.

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SharePointGirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are holding documents in a shared network drive you will only be able to access those files through search, so it will be immaterial whether you are using a document center, workspace or records centre.

In 2007 records were kept in a central repository called the records centre.In 2010 records can be held on any site.
A document workspace was just a site dedicated to holding documents.
jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply, most of my files are in NFS folder so I prefer it to index it using SharePoint 2010, can it be done using the TeamSite ?
jjozAuthor Commented:
ok, I've also found some sites after googling a little bit:

Which SharePoint 2010 Site Template Is Right For Me?

SharePoint 2010 Site Templates – A Detailed Journey (Part 1)
jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks for the response.
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