nginx + fast-cgi Ubuntu Linux 9.10 problem

Hi All trying to set up Nginx Webserver with fast-cgi on Ubuntu 9.10 installed and all is running ok serving pages ok.

The only problem i have is on all PHP websites hosted if you click any link it defaults to the index page i am not sure if this fast-cgi problem or Nginx Webserver problem?

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DarrennewConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem solved went down the path of proxy to apache cluster
I guess this could be caused by a faulty virtual host config or fast-cgi init script.

Check your installation against the following tutorial:
DarrennewAuthor Commented:
HI this is the how to I followed any how I did go back and re-checked everything but still having the same problem?

any ideas I been trying to solve this since 10am this morning ?

kind regards

It look like invalid rewrite configuration or copy-paste problem. Your logs may help a catch the problem. Could you post general configuration of the server and one of a problem virtualhost.
DarrennewAuthor Commented:
sorted the problem myself
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