VMware slow copy over network (less than 500KB)

We're in the middle of SBS 2003 migration to Exchange 2010; migrating the MBX's to the Exch 2010.
All the enviorment is based on VMware vSPhere 4.0, and although we've turned off most of the VM's on the hosts (2 different hosts), the data is being copied very very slow, 500KB/s.

Both NIC's on the hosts are synced with 1000Mb full duplex, and I'm sure that both hosts are can support much better migration speeds.

I would appreciate ANY help, since we need to migrate 60GB, and the maintenance window is closing fast.

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Danny McDanielConnect With a Mentor Clinical Systems AnalystCommented:
you could take a look at http://forums.techarena.in/windows-server-help/1052852.htm .

Also, what are the nic types in each system and if you try to copy in opposite direction or to/from a different system is the speed any better?
Danny McDanielClinical Systems AnalystCommented:
how are you copying over the data?
IT_Group1Author Commented:
Doing a MBX's migration from the Exch 2003 (SBS) to the Exch 2010.
Thx mailboxes are moving from server to server in about 300-500Kb/s
IT_Group1Author Commented:
I think the VM is faulty, big time.
We're rolling back to the SBS2003.

Thx for the advice!
Rick ThomasIT ConsultantCommented:
I'm having the exact same problem. Any one had this fixed?
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