BGINFO and GPO wallpaper

I am testing the bginfo utility and I have it working but trying to apply to our domain which has GPO wallpaper set, what happens in upon logon, the wallpaper changes immediately to display the BGINFO settings OK but then soon as the AD desktop kicks in, the BGINFO is lost.

Is there a way to force the order of bginfo to load after the desktop has run by GPO?

BGINFO is also setup using a GPO.
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Jamesm007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
we have had to create another batch file to run after login and run bginfo there, unable to work with GP
Disable active desktop in the GPO.
Jamesm007Author Commented:
That would be too easy. the company has different wallpapers that get displayed diferent times of the year. This is the issue, so I need to still be able to update this as required. Its not that often, but they still require this to work.
Jamesm007Author Commented:
as per my comment
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