How do I update/upgrade CITRIX Xenapp 5

I have successfully installed CITRIX XenApp 5 Enterprise - two servers on the LAN, one Web Interface on the LAN, and one Secure Gateway in the DMZ.

I see there are FP2 and FP3.  Are there other updates or upgrades that should be applied?

Is there a simple update/upgrade system or file will will apply the latest and greatest or must I upgrade/update the components?  Is there an order or method for doing so?  How do I know what's the latest and greatest?
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zoubi77Connect With a Mentor Commented:

FP2 in FP3 are not updates/patches as compared to Microsoft. There's no 'Automatic Updates' option for Citrix (at least not for now). Citrix sometimes updates different components that are all part of XenApp bundle or add addidtional features with Feature Packs, f.e. here you can find what FP2 brings -'s+new+in+XenApp+5+Feature+Pack+2+in+plain+English

You cannot see directily what FP you have installed from Citrix consoles. You have to check versions of components included (f.e. Provisioning Server version, Workflow Studio version).

You can apply patches vie Group Policy - you can find them here - This patches apply to your XenApp servers.
DWStovallAuthor Commented:
@ zoubi77:

Thanks for the response and information.  

What's the difference between the "Features Packs" and the updated components?  If I just update the components, will I be missing something that the "Feature Pack" would provide?

How do I know which to apply?

Thank you...

DWStovallAuthor Commented:
The response didn't address my need or aim - perhaps my own fault for not asking the question with more detail.
Well....With Feature Pack Citrix presents new features or new versions of components. Updates - Citrix calls them Hot Fix - are like patches in Windows environment.

If you install features in FP, you still need to apply patches. But be careful with hot fixes - apply only those that are resolving your problem or enhance your system

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