When sending email to .org domain, i receive NDR for .nl domain

Dear All,

I have a strange issue.

Windows server 2008 Std
Exchange 2007 SP2

I work for a International company.
I am located in the Netherlands. there is a company in Belgium with the same name but own domain.
There is NOT a trust relation between our sites.

When I send a message from company.nl to company.com i receive an NDR message that the user isn't in the .nl server uh? yes. instead of trying to send to the .org he try to send it to the .nl domain. our own domain.
before the . (dot) the company name is identical.
I have a feeling that DNS is making some mistakes.
Sometimes the message will arrive. but mostly not.
The NDR message we receive from our server.
IMCEAEX-_O=BDV_ou=First+20Administrative+20Group_cn=Recipients_cn=user+name@company.nl  (while we send to .org)
#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found ##

What i've tried is to create a DNS zone for the .org domain. i created an A record (blank) and filled in IP of there mailserver. but then i receive the message:
ns1.xxxxx.be #554 5.7.1 <user.name@company.org>: Relay access denied ##
(they won't add our IP to allow relaying)
what am i doing wrong? or how can i solve this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
So often the case - receiving company claims no problem/refuses to make a simple change!

I've never tried, so not sure, but could you alter the outbound domain with a transport rule?
Shabarinath RamadasanInfrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Create a external routing connector for company.com pointing to the external relay servers of company.com
On the external relay server, include the ip address of company.nl relay servers in the accepted list so that your relay servers can relay mails.

In between, if your server is generating this NDR, then see if any contact or mail enabled object with this SMTP address exist on your domain and the target SMTP address is correct.

Good luck
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Or make sure the receiving Exchange servers accept .nl as an accepted email domain. Most likely, they do not from what you describe.
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RichardWltenburgAuthor Commented:
problem is that the other company is a company on its own and wont change there settings. (relay)

in the NDR message we see that the mail is send TO .org, but that the mailbox cant be found on the .nl domain.

when i resend 10 times maybe 2/3 will succeed. so very strange.
tnx for your reply
RichardWltenburgAuthor Commented:
I've added a send connector. I will keep you informed.
tnx again
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
If you do an nslookup on the MX record for the receiving domain, do any of your DNS servers return the correct details?

Sounds like something is manipulating it / misconfigured but not everything.
RichardWltenburgAuthor Commented:
yes, the MX records are shown correctly.
RichardWltenburgAuthor Commented:
when i ping there mailserver by name mail.company.org i receive a reply of another ip. the ip is from the nameserver of there provider.

pinging mail.company.org [212.**.***.**]

reply from 62.**.**.**: TTL expired in transit
RichardWltenburgAuthor Commented:
forgot to mention same message when ping on ip.
RichardWltenburgAuthor Commented:
It seems like the outbound connection rule for the .org domain solves this issue. havent got any complains.

Thanx for your replies
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