Can Filemaker Pro connect to a MS SQL Server DB through ODBC?

I am building a web site for a client in ColdFusion using a SQL Server database.  My client has data locally in a Filemaker Pro database.  Can she set up an ODBC connection to connect to the SQL Server database on the web server?  
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North2AlaskaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes and it is a pretty straight forward process.
ssailerAuthor Commented:
Does the version of Filemaker matter, or do all versions have this option.  I'm not sure what version she's using - I will have to ask her.  
I believe any version above 7 has the functionality.  I've only used 8.5 and above and they have worked fine.
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ThomDrozConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Filemaker also has a API for PHP
ssailerAuthor Commented:
ThomDroz.  I'm using ColdFusion and SQL Server.  Will this API work for that as well?

Sorry the only API out there for filemaker is the PHP, (there are 2 verison, FXPHP and Filemaker PHP, both are free)

SQL with odbc is probably faster, but if you are building it with PHP it is nice to have the PHP talk directly to the database.
ssailerAuthor Commented:
I did not pursue this as the client changed her mind about connecting to the DB on the server.
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