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find our where the exe is being aborted with abort()


My c++ is getting gets an error when under the MTD and it just exits when it is built under MT. In MTD i get this error:

"Debug Error!
- abort() has been called
(Press Retry to debug the application)"

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I can choose to ignore it, cancel it or retry but they all lead to the exe getting closed. I gues that abort() is being called somewhere but i've been looking and searching for it and I cant find it. It is probably not in my code but a result when communicating with a socket while the internet connection goes down.

Is there a way that I can find out where this error is being called from (line and file)?

Thank you
3 Solutions
>>Is there a way that I can find out where this error is being called from (line
>>and file)?

Yes - "Press Retry to debug the application" (pardon the pun) and examine the call stack. This will lead you to the file and line in your code that subsequently caused 'abort()' to be called.
BTW, see also http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/a3694ts5.aspx ("How to: Use the Call Stack Window")
xNejXAuthor Commented:
i will try the second solution, the retry doesn't do anything
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You could also try to to rund your aqpp in the debugger from the start, it should then stop on the line with the 'abort()'.
xNejXAuthor Commented:
I tried to do it with the callstack but as soon as it aborts the callstact window dissapears from Visual Studio and when I reopen it it is empty.

All that I can get from the "Output" window in visual studio is The program '[22476] Unasl.exe: Native' has exited with code 1 (0x1).

How do i rund my aqpp?
Hmm, can you try to set a breakpoint on 'abort()'? Press CTRL+B and enter 'abort' in the text field.
If you need help in using the VS debugger, these articles may help:
C/C++ Beginner's Debugging Guide
Breakpoint Tips for C/C++
Watch, Memory, Stack Tips: C/C++
xNejXAuthor Commented:

Do you know the shortcut or the function name in VS 2010? CTRL + B doesn't do anything => { (Ctrl+B) was pressed. Waiting for second key or chord... }?
Try "Debug|New Breakpoint|Break at Function..."
xNejXAuthor Commented:
was i supposed to put a certain line number and char, should i put in abort or abort()?

cause it didn't break on anything...
heres a weird idea that I would have tried after all these efforts

write abort() right after main() (the first statement). Single step through the code F-11. Step inside abort() and set a breakpoint and stop debuging.

Then keeping the breakpoint open, remove the abort() statement and continue debugging F5. It should then hit the breakpoint.

This should work If you had installed CRT source code, otherwise you can set the break point in disassembly. In the worst case, set the breakpoint in disassembly and then drag the execution point to the [ret] statement of abort() (effectively skipping it manually the first time). Continue from that point and it should break the next time it enters abort().

Weird, but I know I have succeeded with things like that in the past so its worth a try when nothing else is working :)
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