query Notes for calendar items today

I am using the Lotus Domino and Notes Toolkit for COM via C#.

Currently, I can retrieve a complete list of calendar NotesDocument entries in a NotesView.  From there, I must iterate through the list to find entries for today because recurring calendar events are stored in the first entry created for that entry.  This is so slow.

Is there a way to get a NotesView containing only the calendar events for today using Notes own query engine?
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
  NotesView view = db.GetView("(CalSummary)");

Be careful: this view isn't organised by date values, but by date strings. the first column is
but you can use it to find out quickly if there are appointments on a specific date (use GetDocumentByKey(datestring, true).

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'd assume there is a calendar entry for the current day even for recurring events. How else would they be present in the $Calendar view? Or is it only one document with a multi-value field containing multiple dates?

Which view do you use to get the documents, and how do you retrieve them?
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
The method to retrieve a view populated with calendar entries is:
  NotesView view = db.GetView("($Meetings)");
where db is the database.

For recurring calendar entry, when created, there is only one entry with a document property named RepeatInstanceDates containing a list of date/times.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Try with
  NotesView view = db.GetView("($Calendar)");
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
Using GetDocumentByKey isn't returning a collection containing the recurring meeting.  

Meetings were only returned at all if I used CalSummary, but only the one instance meetings today.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
What I'd try:
- get all appointments for today using the CalSummary view (GetAllDocumentsByKey("02-12-2010") or a different date text format)
- and for tomorrow, etc.
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
With only a recurring appointment today and one tomorrow, getting the appointments today and tomorrow as you describe gives me nothing.

Maybe the COM toolkit won't do this.  Is there another API for Domino/Notes that will?
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
In a final effort to get this question put to bed, is there any way to grab a list of calendar entries for meetings on a given day, both one-time meetings and repeating meetings created in the past.

I am using the COM toolkit, but if this is not possible using COM, I can use another.
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
This is getting stale, but I think I found an answer.

Using the Search method of the NotesDatabase object, I can call:

db.Search("Form = 'Appointment' & Repeats = '1'");
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:

You could also create a full-text index in your database, so you can do a full-text search. It's only useful if it's a database with a largee number of documents. db.Search is a sequential search, db.FtSearch uses the full-text index. The FTSearch equivalent of your query is
      "Field Form=Appointment & Field Repeates=1"

You could even make both queries more specific, e.g. to get only the items for one day, with additional conditions.
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
Hi sjef,

This is the mechanism I am using now where the query string looks like:
            NotesView repeatsView = this.database.GetView("($Meetings)");
            var query = "([Repeats] = 1) and not ([NoticeType] = C) and not ([NoticeType] = R) ";
            query += "and not ([AppointmentType] = 4) and not ([AppointmentType] = 1)";
            int repeatsCount = repeatsView.FTSearch(query, repeatsView.EntryCount);

However, experiments today showed db.Search to be over twice as fast.  Furthermore, the index could be out of date as explained here: http://mattwhite.me/blog/2010/1/1/why-using-ftsearch-in-lotusscript-is-usually-a-bad-idea.html

I do have another open question about finding a date in the field RepeatInstanceDates.  If you have an answer for that, that would make my year.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
As I said, Search is sequential, and depending on the quality of the server you'll notice that Search is faster up to say 10000 documents. Beyond that, FTSearch wins. If you do this query once per day, or 10 times, or even 100, use db.Search.

Just a question: the database *is* indeed full-text indexed? FTSearch also works on a non-indexed database, but is a lot slower then.

I'll look at the other question tomorrow.
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