Multi User Web Browser - Firefox, IE, Opera ?

I am setting up a Citrix type of server, using Graphon's GoGlobal. Citrix spawns a new windows session for each user, GoGlobal uses the one session to run an application multiple times. The problem i'm having is with web browsers. I want to have users run the same browser, restricted to just two internal sites.

Firefox would be my first choice, however, it does not allow multiple instances of the application to be launched.
IE is another option, however it uses settings from each user's profile, not one set globally
Opera will allow multi instances, however, just as in IE, it will use individual user profiles, not one global setting

Does anyone know, how I can get either IE, or Opera to use the same settings for all users that connect to the server?
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Britt ThompsonConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems EngineerCommented:
With IE you should be able to set group policies on the server to configure which sites can be visited:

Or, you can use OpenDNS if the server needs no access to other sites from any account.
mahjohnAuthor Commented:
I did add this to the user config section of the local machine gpo, however, it doesn't work over a GoGlobal connection, as the user does not actively logon to the server, they are merely authenticated for access to launch applications.
Britt ThompsonSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
This can be controlled with Proxy or with a hardware firewall that does site filtering or use the content adviser in the article above.
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You could use a Barracuda web filter to ensure that only those sites you want users to visit get through the hardware level.

We use one here for web filtering, and it works quite well.  It also does much more...

As an aside to the question...some sort of hardware filtering is going to be best, that way you would not have to worry about users using whatever browser they want, or potentially using something like Firefox portable from a USB stick or something.
mahjohnAuthor Commented:
Using the "Content Advisor" to restrict sites works, but is not clean. Is it possible to export IE configuration settings with favorites and home page set for all users as a default template?

Assuming you are willing to guarantee that they will all be using IE...

See Part 4: Maintaining and Supporting

there is also a section there for IE7.
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