Crystal Reports XI - formula to remove duplicate records

can someone please help me to create this formula in order to remove duplicate records.

I have Part Number, Formula A and Formula B.

Formula A states:
if Code='A' then show value from VALUE field

Formula B states:
if Code='B' then show value from VALUE field

Both of these formulas as in my report details

so the output will create 2 records to each part.

line 1: |Part 123|  Coke| 'blank'|
line 2: |Part 123|  'blank'| 'Cisco'|

how can I combine these 2 lines so that it will show only data like this:

line 1: |Part 123|  Coke| Cisco|

thank you
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are the lines separate records?

Try this idea.

Group by part number

In the group header add a formula
Global StringVar strpartA;
Global StringVar strpartB;
strpartA := "";
strpartB := ""

In the detail section add a formula
Global StringVar strpartA;
Global StringVar strpartB;
If {CodeField} = "A" then
    strpartA := {ValueField};
If {CodeField} = "B" then
    strpartB := {ValueField};

Remove the fields from the details section except the above formula
You can then suppress the detail section if blank

In the group footer
Put the fields you want to display
Add 2 formulas to display the strings
Global StringVar strpartA;
Global StringVar strpartB;

James0628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Another approach:

 Group on the Part Number and suppress the detail section.  Put FormulaA and FormulaB in the detail section.  Right-click on each formula and select Insert > Summary and put a Maximum summary for each formula in the group footer.  I think that should work, and it's a bit simpler than using variables.

Palmer_AdminAuthor Commented:
thank you guys for your help

James, I can't use FormulaA as Insert Summary field. it is not letting me to grab it as an option.

mlmcc, i still get duplicates, is there a another way?
also, can it be done without grouping?

Will the Alias work in this case?

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Palmer_AdminAuthor Commented:
my problem is that my part #'s keep repeating because there are order by date as well, so when I try to group it the data is off
Unless you can sort them so the duplicates are together there is no easy way since the records aren't duplicates in the sense that all fields are not the same.

You may have to group based on enough fields so that the "duplicate" records are grouped together.


 > I can't use FormulaA as Insert Summary field.

 In your original post, you said that Formula A was:

if Code='A' then show value from VALUE field

 If it really is as simple as "if {field1} = 'A' then {field2}", then you can do a summary on it.  If Formula A or B is not that simple, it may affect your options, and the solution, so we'd need to see the exact formulas.

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