Chart shows in designer, but not in InfoView or CMC

The Environment is Business Objects 12.1.

We have a report that has a chart graph displaying some information. When designing it using the application "Crystal Reports 2008" (also version 12.1), the chart shows up, and looks great.

When the report is saved, we're saving it under Enterprise, after authenticating.
The report is then available to be ran from InfoView (or CMC, if you wanted to do it that way). The report runs fine, without error messages. The data on the report is there, showing all the numbers that we want it to report on... but the graph is blank.
There IS a graph, it's in the report, but the bars are not being drawn into the graph. It's a mystery!

Why would the graph not be drawn/rendered? The only hint I have that's leading me nowhere is that when using the designer application, when I right-click on the chart and go to "chart options", the preview says "There is more than 400 data points, preview not available!". But if I refresh the report, the full-blown preview shows the chart. So I'm right now looking to see if there's something that looks into data points for rendering graphs on reports on demand.

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LinInDenverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah yes - if he's building them on a higher version than the server, that can cause all sorts of annoying little problems. Hopefully this is one of them, and matching up the versions will solve it!
It could be that it's not able to render a graph with so many data points. Are you current on Service Packs/ Fix Packs? They are at SP3, at least, might have a fix pack out there too.
RDCitAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty sure we are. Last time I talked to SAP support was a couple of months ago, and they checked versions and said that everything was up to date.
That's always confusing to me too, since it doesn't show the version (and SPs) in a friendly way. All I have is: Product Version:
I think that might actually be just the base install + SP1.

This chart shows the version numbers... If I recall, .882  .892 are actually the same thing, it just depending on if you installed from V0 or V1.

You might want to try installed SP2 and see if that fixes the problem. It would need to be installed on the developer machine that built the report, and on the crystal server itself.

It's a long shot, but you might want to get up a little higher on service packs anyhow. Right now I'm just at SP2, FixPack 2.5 because I haven't found any need to go higher. If I had your problem, that would probably be my next step.
RDCitAuthor Commented:
Oh, I see now that you were talking about the version of the Crystal Reports application, that builds reports. The machine that the developer uses has version installed.

Maybe that's the problem! I'll roll him back to match the server and see what happens.
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