Computer stops at Windows Boot Manager

Every time i reboot my laptop it stops at the Windows Boot Manger. It gives me the option to choose Windows Vista or Memory Diagnostic Tool.  The laptop works great other than that.  I have to physically select Windows Vista every time. I have tried changing the options under Advanced system settings.
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FOTCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
boot.ini doesn't exist in vista & win 7 anymore. you use "bcdedit" via cmd prompt to make changes to the boot settings. (

I don't feel like typing a lot so, here's a good tutorial on how to fix ur prob...

an easier way to fix this, is to download the EasyBCD tool from NeoSmart:
i think you type msconfig on run and select boot.ini and edit it from there
drgleocklerAuthor Commented:
EasyBCD did the job.  Thanks!
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