static port address translation not working IOS

I am trying to setup an email server over fios home
since fios blocks port 25 and i am using postfix for email server
locally I am able to telnet into 2525 no problem so I put this in my config
ip nat inside source static tcp 2525 interface FastEthernet4 2525
now when I telnet into my wan ip address in port 2525 it says I cannot connect.

Is there something I am missing?
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sweetfa2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You are expecting your telnet session to originate on port 2525 - it won't.

Also, unless you are planning to only receive mail from other dedicated persons, you won;t be able receive mail this way as all smtp servers will look for port 25 on the MX record in the DNS of the domain.  Therefore whoever is sending you email will specifically be configured to send stuff to your server.  Don't think this is a general purpose solution.
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