Where do I find Sharepoint Permission Groups Summary by User?

Hi -

Using Sharepoint 2007 as an end-user collection administrator.
I know I've seen a function that shows which groups each member of a site collection belongs to.

x user belongs to y group, z group....

Please tell me where to look to find it.  Thank you.
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Sushanta SahuConnect With a Mentor Principal Specialist, Information ManagementCommented:
There are no direct way to see the users and then the groups they belong to in a site collection.

However you can see them if you install SharePoint Administration Toolkit on the farm. Once you install and configure the toolkit successfully, you should be able to see a link in the site settings under: Users and Permissions and then click on  Check Effective Permissions. This will ask you for user and then show you the groups it belong to.

Reference: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=412A9EF1-3358-4420-B820-0CA3F4641651&displaylang=en

Alternatvely you can use 3rd party tools for such kind of reporting. ControlPoint should be useful for such reports.

Give a go to this and let me know how it goes.
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itCommented:
Go to Site Collection, Click Site Actions Modify all site settings > People and Groups
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
633535Author Commented:
You are correct, and given I'm an end-user in a corporation without access to admin unfortunately I can't access what I was hoping to.  Thanks for the information.
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