code of ethics

hi there

currently, I am curious about Code of Ethic for Software Engineering.

Could you please provide me SW ethic related documents, e-books, links and
lecture notes.

kind regards.
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This is probably one of the most complete discussions.
The ACM is one of the top organizations for computing research. That and IEEE.

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Hmm... IEEE references the same article
That'd be your best bet.
loopfinityAuthor Commented:
ok. let me ask main question from my mind?

as we all know the software is not tangible. How can one define code of ethic for proposed software?

I mean if I will produce software for myself, why should I consider standards even
developed software does not follow any standards

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loopfinityAuthor Commented:
I just increase the points to 500 and lets wait for a while
Every group that develops software has it's own coding standard and ethics standard. You are correct though, that there isn't one global one that everyone uses. Apparently, ACM and IEEE would like that to change. There are laws of course about copyrights and that sort of thing.

If you are developing for yourself there really aren't any legal limits except that you can't reverse engineer or decompile most programs (it's in their license agreements). The only thing you'd need to worry about for developing apps for yourself would be to follow the licensing of whatever software you use (and of course don't break any laws like hacking people's credit cards or anything).
loopfinityAuthor Commented:
>>There are laws of course about copyrights
to some extends, laws for copy right seems to me acceptable, yet mankind has no universal laws for ethics.

why ACM and IEEE  expose to all developer to follow same footstep?
imho, they kill creativity, do not they?
"why should I consider standards even
developed software does not follow any standards"
There is a big difference between ethics and standards.
loopfinityAuthor Commented:
lets modify it.
"why should I consider to apply the others opinions to develop software "
for instance,

1. PUBLIC - Software engineers shall act consistently with the public interest.

do u think all big companies care very much about above statement.

"do u think all big companies care very much about above statement."
Perhaps not, but that does not prevent me from acting ethically. If only I act ethically, I might not (probably will not) make as much money but there are other rewards for ethical behavior.
You mentioned standards. Many coding standards (commenting, etc) are useful even if you are just developing for yourself. I can't tell you how many times I've gone back to adjust some code that I wrote and it took a long time to figure out and update because I hadn't used good coding standards and practices.

The big companies don't want the expense of following ethical behaviour, but everyone else should theoretically benefit. That's why we want ethics standards. So the big unfeeling corporations can't run over everybody and cut corners etc.
loopfinityAuthor Commented:
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