Exchange 2003 to 2010 DAG migration setup question

I need to migrate an existing Exchange 2003 server over to Exchnge 2010 in a 2 server DAG configuration for failover/avalability purposes.

Now my question is do I have to create a DAG first before moving the current user mailboxes over to the new servers or can I just attach the first Exchange 2010 server do the move and then add the second server and then form the DAG?
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Renato Montenegro RusticiConnect With a Mentor IT SpecialistCommented:
You can create the DAG at any point.

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EasyfitAuthor Commented:
So what your saying is that I can either create the DAG and then do the migration or I can do the migration decomission the 2003 Exchange server and then create a DAG

Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Yes, thats right.
Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Just to add. You will need an Enterprise or Datacenter version of Windows to implement the DAG. Exchange uses the cluster features to support the DAG.
EasyfitAuthor Commented:
yeah I have 2 Enterprise server 2008 servers ready to go, thanks for the help
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