I have cme 3.3 installed on 2811 router.  I installed a used aim-cue that was licensed with call manager.  How do I re-configure it to work with CME?
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a link to a discussion thread the notes that you need to download the license for your version again, the run the software install to pull it off a ftp server..
Can you session to the AIM-CUE?
If yes, you can clear the config, make sure you can access the web interface and run the initialization from the web interface. It will give you the option to select CallManager or CME..
davkirbyAuthor Commented:
I can session to the aim-cue - but i cannot complete the initialization wizard.  It doesn't give me an option to choose but It gives me a JTAPI error.  I find that the cue is bound to CCM (Call Manager - from a previous install) not CME.  Do I need to reinstall CME or CUE or both?  CME is version 3.3   CUE is version 2.3  How do I know which versions are compatible - or is that not an issue?
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you cannot use it for Call Manager Express, you have to change the license in order to work.

davkirbyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help and the link.  I did try to overwrite the license with a newer license (3.1) for cue but got an error about "file headers" too long?  So the install did not complete.  I have downloaded the license for 2.3 and will try the install today.  
davkirbyAuthor Commented:
I did finally get the correct license file installed and got the voicemail working.  
I found some additional info with the links for the compatibility matrix shown below.
I posted those so anyone searching this site for additional info could use them.
Thanks so much for the assistance.

Cisco Unity Express Compatibility Matrix

CME and Cisco IOS Compatibility Matrix

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