PalmOne Zire 72 Handheld

Why can PalmOne Zire 72 Handheld be selling for $289.99 on It is pretty old, isn't it? See below:

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It happens all the time, old and discontinued models that are not found on traditional retailers come very expensive (kind of similar to collectors editions), especially if they have gained recognition between the public or they have a solid user base.

On the other hand a used one can be bougth a US59.50 (more realistic price)

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I have a good example for this, the Hess Truck 2008. When those trucks are launched their price is usually the same, we are used to find Hess Trucks of previous years more expensive than the ones just launched so the price for the 2009, 2007 or 2006 model is around US35, however as the 2008 is considered as a very good model it costs around US65.
ksfokAuthor Commented:
You said:"On the other hand a used one can be bougth a US59.50 (more realistic price) ".
Could you provide a link to one? I don't want to lose my shirt.
Thanks much.
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ksfokAuthor Commented:
The first link says:"Perfect operationally but only acceptable cosmetically with numerous areas where the blue gel covering has peeled off of the case. Other than that the unit is very good with absolutely no marks on the LCD that has had a screen protector since new. Stylus, AC charger and USB synch cable included, but no software or manual (free online). Please read my feedback, see my 100% commitment to total satisfaction, and buy with complete confidence."

Is the above item OK with the blue gel covering peeling off?
Are the charger and cradle included?

Mh, i think the one from JB Martin may be a better option:

"Nice palmOne Zire 72 handheld includes: USB HotSync cable, Power adapter, Software installation CD, "Read This First" guide, Hard Case P10968U, and partial Palm Stylus 3-Pack (3178WW). Battery retaining charge & guage showing full. Being sold by original buyer"

It says it includes the charger, and the sync cable, i think it doesn´t include the cradle
ksfokAuthor Commented:
Can you buy the cradle separately somewhere else?
I am not sure, in says that there is no cradle available for this model:

It says that syncronization should be made using the sync cable.

Are you sure this model has a cradle?
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