Moving Domain Controller

Hi Friends,

We have two domain controllers in office.

I need to move one of my domain controller to new office(windows 2003).

there will no connection between new and old offices.

in both places domain name will be same .

NETWORK ID will change

Wt steps i have to take.


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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say "there will be no connection between the new and old offices"

Does that mean there is no chance that these domain controllers will ever replicate.  DCs have to replicate within the Tombstone Lifetime  If they can never communicate then you will definitely have issues.

What do you mean when you say the network ID will change.  Are you trying to create a new domain?

One other thing is that it is highly recommended to have at least two functioning DCs in any domain (for disaster purposes)


Once you move one of your DC to new location, Just make sure that it is working. Then change the IP address of DC & reboot the server. Try to join client machine to that domain & check whether it joins & DC is authenticating that client.
If i understand you correctly, you have two dc's in single site & now you want to create another site & move the other domain controller to that site.

The duration required for movement there will not be any connection & later on will be restored.
Since the dc will move to different site,so other site will have different subnet & which will require change of IP on dc.

If this is the case, its not a big deal, you can move the dc to other site but make sure both the dc's are connected before 60 days of tombstone else it will create lingering object in domain.

Changing IP is not a big deal, but take care that proper ports are open b/w both the offices along with bandwidth available for syncing both the dc's.
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NarendraGAuthor Commented:

Yes there will be no communication between old and new office domain controllers.

They both cant work as Individual domain controllers in diff locations?

i wanted to achieve above what needs to be done?

Becoz i have 50 workstations and 6 terminal servers in old office and 2 domain controllers (no exchange server)

Now i am planning to move 25 work stations , 3 T servers and one domain controller to new office

if i do this i thought i don't need to install new ADS and adding machines and servers to domain, profile copy.

i am not planning to change domain name and not planning any replication

i don't have budget to install new domain in the network :)

AwinishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They both cant work as Individual domain controllers in diff locations?
No, because both the dc's are from same domain & FSMO roles has to be seized on one dc, so if you seize on one other will be w/o FSMO.

You can demote AD from one dc & move the server to new site & create new forest with domain.

There will not be expense but yes everything has to be reconfigured with reinstall of AD & rejoin for client computers.

Installing new domain doesn't require expense as long as you have hardware & license..:)
NarendraGAuthor Commented:
There is no other solution for this Awinish?

plz help me
Creating new domain with dcpromo is not a big deal but yes it requires some hardwork, but what you are asking is not possible in my opinion.

I have never tried to separate two dc's & seize FSMO role on both the dc which is not going to be in the same network, i doubt will it work in that way,but removing one dc from domain & getting it new AD configured is more appropriate & second each domain should have at least two dc's to avert any disaster from dc's from crash.

NarendraGAuthor Commented:
Hi Awinish,

Then what if i had two domain controllers in the network (windows2003)

one holding FSMO if this Domain crashed (Hardware) i had no backup .

above situation how can assign FSMO roles to second domain controller?
NarendraGAuthor Commented:
As  i said earlier i haven't done this but you can try & see if that works. In production noone would want to carry such thing & yes you have to perform metadata cleanup also.
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