Populate DropDown with LINQ

Just starting to work with LINQ.  I want to populate a dropdown from a table that contains two fields: Role and Role_ID_pk.
        ' Populate the Ticket Master Role DropDown
        Using myDataContext As New TicketStoreDataContext()
            Dim AllTicketMasterRoles = From Ticket_Master_Role In myDataContext.TICKET_MASTER_ROLEs _
                                       Select Ticket_Master_Role.Role, Ticket_Master_Role.Role_ID_pk

            Dim ddTicketMasterRoles As New DropDownList
            ddTicketMasterRoles = CreateUserWizard1.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("ddTicketMasterRoles")
            ddTicketMasterRoles.DataSource = AllTicketMasterRoles
            ddTicketMasterRoles.DataTextField = ?????????
            ddTicketMasterRoles.DataValueField = ????????

        End Using

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rrhandle8Author Commented:
Already read all three.  No help.
rrhandle8Author Commented:
Oops!  I did not read the last one: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/linqprojectgeneral/thread/f52f7a08-6a9e-4cd8-81e6-6f5dc3104169/ 
Just added the field names.

            ddTicketMasterRoles.DataTextField = "Role"
            ddTicketMasterRoles.DataValueField = "Role_ID_pk"
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