Outlook anywhere test fails

I did the Outlook anywhere test on: www.testexchangeconnectivity.com

For my Exchange 2007 SP3 server with server 2008 r2.

Testing HTTP Authentication Methods for URL https://autodiscover.domain.com/rpc/rpcproxy.dll.  

This part is the last thing and it fails with a 500 error.

I have outlook anywhere enabled with basic authentication and unchecked SSL offloading. In this dialogue box it also asked for the hostname and I entered autodiscover.domain.com (which points to the exchange server).

My OWA external hostname is https://owa.domain.com/owa

Please help
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MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it work internally? Has it ever worked? Run netstat -a -n on your exchange server and see if you can see ports 6001, 6002 and 6004 "listening"
Shack-DaddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. The RPC Proxy server should be the common name of the cert you are using. This unlikely to be "autodiscover.domain.com". It's probably going to be owa.domain.com.

2. The "Exchange Server" is going to be the INTERNAL full name of your Exchange server, like exch01.domain.local or something like that.

3. The "Mutual Auth Principal Name" will almost always be the same as the RPC Proxy server name.

The Auth method is more commonly "basic" than "NTLM" so try Basic first.
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