how set a column to a description concatenated with a value

SET SubDescription1 = 'MTD:'  SubDescription1 + te.Quantity,

I'm trying to use this code but I'm getting the following error

Incorrect syntax near 'SubDescription1'.
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MSSystemsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe try something like this

SET SubDescription1 = 'MTD:' + Cast([SubDescription1] as NvarChar(100)) + Cast([te].[Quantity] as NvarChar(100))

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should be

SET SubDescription1 = 'MTD:'  + SubDescription1 + te.Quantity

you may also need convert(nvarchar, te.Quantity)
solarisinfosysAuthor Commented:
Thank You. this is exactly the solution I was looking for.
The solution to your problem was the + was missing as per my response. You did not specify the data types of your columns so I don't see how an answer that assumes them could be more correct.

I would object to how these points were awarded
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