Sonicwall gateway AVirus


Finally got my Sonicwall setup in transparency mode along side my old Netgear ADSL router all working on the internet side and parental controls but i've tested the gateway antivirus and it failed to pick up a test virus at

I've got Nod32 business edition on all clients but would like the additional security at the gateway - if i disable nod on any client computer it will not detect the downloaded file Virus from the test site.

I havent touched any config on the sonicwall relating to the gateway antivirus and it says its enabled.

Do i need to set something up to make this feature work??

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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
my guess is the default "Disable EICAR test" is enabled.  go to security services > Gateway Antivirus.  Click Configure Gateway AV Settings.  You should see a box regarding disabling test for EICAR.  Remove the check box and test again.
JohnAuthor Commented:
Super - works now!! cheers
glad to hear...thanks for the points!
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