Split PDF pages into multiple PDF files using Adobe Acrobat

What version of Adobe can split one PDF file (pages) into multiple PDF files. There is standard and pro versions available of adobe.

Also is there any less expensive third party tool. But i would like to know first if adobe standard can do this or not?

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Adobe can do this if you pay enough.
There is an open source tool available: http://www.pdfsam.org/ 

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tech2010Author Commented:
wat version / edition of adobe standard or pro?
Acrobat X standard will do: Here is an comparison: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/matrix.html
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tech2010Author Commented:
Jogai, i installed open source software you recomended, can you split 1 page to half as well. For example i have 10 pages PDF file which i wanted to split into 7.5 pages. Is this possible with any of the software either open source or adobe standard? thanks
tech2010Author Commented:
can we split parts of pages?
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I don't quite understand how you want to split 10 pages into 7.5 pages, but I suspect that no software that is readily available will be able to do that. Do you want to take e.g. 75% of the first page for page one, and then 25% of the first page, plus 50% of the second page to create the new second page? That would require some programming. If you have  background in Java programming, you can use the iText library to do that for you: http://www.itextpdf.com
Any version of Adobe proffesional from version 6 upwards has an extract page and a delete page and also an add page facillity built in.
the answer you accepted was only accepted, because it mentioned free software. that criteria you never requested. my answer fulfilled all criteria.yet no points. i now have to add you to my list of questionable qustioners?
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