Stuck on an implementation of sum and groupby

Let say i have the following table i.e. .

1    1   1
2    1   1
3    2   5
4    3   4
5    3   5

I need the to create a sum of TOTAL to output something like

ClientId Total
1 2
2 5
3 9

Can you please confirm how i do this

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CaptainGibletsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SELECT clientid, SUM(total) AS Total FROM tablename GROUP BY clientid
Webbo_1980Author Commented:
That's the first thing i tried but it doesnt work i.e. get results such as e.g. please see below?

Any suggestions?

770      258
770      10
770      7
770      1709
770      20
770      75
770      18
770      9
793      8
793      14
793      1967
i created a sample table with the information you posted and it works fine, what data types are your columns?
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Webbo_1980Author Commented:
Both are integer and my exact query is...

SELECT Id,  sum(Total) as totalSum from mytable
group by Id, Total
order by Id

you dont want to group by total, only ClientID. also, if you select ID it will not work as each record in ID is unique
Webbo_1980Author Commented:
But the problem is this wont give me a total count i.e. if you look at my samples data i.e. client id 1 and 3 you'll see the total values get added not the amount of clientids

Hope this makes sense?
You may need to re-word your question. You stated that you're looking for a combination of Client ID and their Totals.

The query provided by CaptainGiblets does exactly that and his followup is correct.

You need to change the Id in your query to ClientId

SELECT ClientId,  sum(Total) as totalSum from mytable
group by ClientId
order by ClientId
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