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I am desperately trying to find a cheap BUT reliable way of providing Internet Access for complexes that have many houses in them.
I thought of wireless but I found that this excercise becoming very complicated and very expensive to pay for the APs.
However, after much research I heard that if the complex had an Internet connection like an adsl etc then we could get the other units connected to this adsl via their electricity DB boards and plug points. It provides speed the same like fibre and works very very fast. Firstly, is this a cheaper route to take and secondly, does anyone have an idea how I can do this. I have NO electricity expereince, I am an IT person so I need all the help I can get

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ADSL will likely cost you much more than going wireless. I doubt you are going to be granted ability to muck with the apartment complex's trunks.  (And if there is a problem, do you even want to *think* about the finger pointing?)

Think about it, if it was inexpensive they would be installing them in hotels instead of wireless (but older hotels still use ADSL).    

There ARE commercial quality APs that are easy to manage, can scale to hundreds or thousands of users where all the transmitters are on the same SSID, or multiple SSIDs, and frequencies auto adjust, and so on and so on.  Check into ArubaNetworks  who has the appropriate hardware.   I suspect you were looking at the high-end consumer market which is not suitable for your needs.

If the price is prohibitive, then give up and don't do it.   There is no "cheap" solution that will scale.
1st: You need an ISP that approves of you spanning their network between units. It would be bad for everyone if you bought a home service and resold or 'stole' the connection between units. Your ISP should have some sort of MDU package, or just a package you can use as you wish.

Second are these Apartments, Duplexes? You need the the devices on the same breaker to pass the network traffic, so units on different lines, or circuits will not be able to communicate with each other. Also, the more you use the electricity on a circuit, the less throughput available on the powerline-network.
... and if the apartments are already hooked up via cable, and that cable company supplies internet, then I would just give up now, you won't be able to compete.
Ethernet over powerline has been proposed (used ?) for low income households in tower blocks in the UK. The feed to the blocks was a high speed wireless link which was part of a wider network (the tower block provided a useful base station location).

Google may help you find some info, have a read at for example.
I disagree with closing for this reason.    Author asked for help, and the alternatives were covered, and he was even told what he wanted to do had no "cheap and reliable" solution, and he can't possibly compete with apartments wired for cable, and that logistically he wouldn't be able to use their existing wiring.

No doubt this advice saved the author a lot of time & effort, and perhaps even prevented him from spending tens of thousands of dollars of his own money getting into a business where he will lose his shirt.

Furthermore, yarwell's advice put nail in the coffin because I doubt it even occurred to author that an ISP would just let him sell service to multiple customers w/o permission.

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