Exchange 2010 and exchange 2003 co-exist at two different sites with different accepted domains

So I'm looking for the best way to setup my exchange org.  I have an exchange 2003 server in London (LON) and one in Philadelphia (PHL), same exchange org, primary server MX point to LON.  I have just installed the first Exch2010 in PHL (after raising all functional levels for AD and exch).  2010 will replace 2003 in PHL.

I am now presented with configuring my send connectors.  I will be accepting mail for two internet domains, one in LON and one in PHL.

I would like email from PHL ( to be sent from Exch2010 in PHL
I would like email from LON ( to be sent from Exch 2003 in LON

I would like email from PHL ( to LON ( to be sent over our VPN - not over the internet.

What is the best method for configuring my send/recieve connectors:

PHL Exch2010 - Default send with * Address space using DNS and PHL Exch Source

Do I need a VPN send connector:
PHL Exch2010 - VPN send - Address space using smart host address of LON server and PHL as Source???

For receive, I will be using MX logic, so I will configure new MX for PHL ( and a receive connector to only receive from MXlogic and lock down firewall ports accordingly.

MX and receive for LON will not be changed.

Do I need a receive connector on exch 2010 to accept from  Will I need to make any changes on LON Exch2003 to accept from PHL

I will also need communication between PHL Exch2003 and and PHL Exch2010 during the time it takes to move mailboxes from Exch2003 to Exch2010.

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.
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getzjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ahh I was doing a few things at once and didnt read clearly.. sorry.    To answer your question though, basically, I wouldn't change anything as far as deleting connectors.    

Unless I am missing something (which I never claim to be perfect :-)  )  I think if you configure both sites receive connectors correctly with the corresponding internet send connectors, then the only  mail that should route across the VPN would be internal.  You shouldn't need to tinker with it.   It should actually be doing that now.
The exchange servers are part of the same domain/forest?  I assume when you installed Exchange 2010 you added it to the existing Exchange 2003 environment?  If so, then communication between the two should be setup fine.  Just change your MX records , setup receive connectors and everything should route fine.  Assuming the exchange servers are already coexisting, then mail between locations should route internally.
jffrybauerAuthor Commented:
Thanks getzjd.

yes, same domain/forest and added to existing 2003 environment.  

There are three send connectors that autopopulated on PHL Exch2010.
"Internet Mail SMTP Connector (PHL Exch2003)" -  * Address space, send using DNS, no source server listed
"London SMTP"  - * address space, send using DNS, no source server listed
"USA SMTP" - * address space, plus several old domain names, Send using DNS, no source server listed.

On the 2003 server,  I see the same connectors, plus a "PHL Exch2003 - PHL Exch2010"

I'd like to cleanup some of this if possible and make sure nothing breaks when I remove PHL Exch2003.

Is it worth monkeying with or should I just let a sleeping dog lie?

Ok, so your end result then is to combine down to 1 exchange 2010 server LON?  If so and everything is currently working, then you can get by with just changing your MX records now for each separate domain.   Where is your SPAM filtering being done?  Changing MX records will require some sort of adjustment to your SPAM solution.

As far as the connectors, if your end result is to have 1 exchange 2010 server, then I would not mess with them.   I followed several different guides while doing our Exchange 2003 to 2010 transition.  These will make the transition fairly painless:

Pay close attention to your free/busy replicas etc

jffrybauerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the confusion.

Exch 2003 will stay in london with london mailboxes, mx and spam filtering

Phl 2003 will handle philly mailboxes, mx and spam for

So end result is 2003 in LON and 2010 in PHL in same exch org handling, each handling different internet email domains and maintaining interorganization email.  
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