SharePoint 2010 calendar sync

hi all i just created a test appointment on a team calendar using my name but i go to my calendar and the appointment hasnt been added there, i press connect to outlook and i can see the two calendars side by side but youd think that sharepoint would put the entry into your personal calendar as it syncs

can this be done or is it a limitation?

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GreatGermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's why you don't book an appointment for yourself on the group calendar. This is working as it was intended. There are options for duplicating calendar entries (like the link posted earlier), but each calendar is meant for different things.
It is a separate calendar, but items can be copied from one to the other. If you want to have something that is more automatic you will need to do some coding.  An example is below, but you would know best how you want it to function and would need to adjust the code accordingly.
Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
it doesn't actually sync like your thinking, it places a shared calendar into your outlook (A second one), its just shared and linked to the sharepoint calendar.
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awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
so if i followed the tut in that url...

say i added an appointment to sharepoint for myself, would the appointment sync to my mailbox calendar?

thats what im after, you think theyd have that inc by default, elsewise your creating two appointments for yourself all the time
Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediCommented:
A sharepoint calendar is more for a group of users.  Its a shared calendar, just like you would share out your calendar in outlook.

Its not intended to be your personal calendar.  It doesn't not overwrite or add to your personal calendar, because its a shared calendar.  

Even in outlook when you make a "departmental" or "group" shared calendar it displays as a shared calendar in your outlook
awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
so what if i book an appointment for myself on the group calendar and it conflicts with another appointment, maybe on another calendar or my personal calendar

or i want to see my appointments id have to open a multitude of calendars to see where im at, or spend alot of time copy and pasting appointments across calendars (for instance if im a manager of more thatn one team and have appointments for both)

dont think its very well thought of in those respects, what do you think?
Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediCommented:
exactly, a group calendar is for a group... not individual, it works the same way as a shared calendar in outlook.

its not made for personal appointments.
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